Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Repaying a debt

Some debts are merely financial and some easily repaid but some require repayment in kind . Few debts are more important to me personally than a favour earned by a good friend.

Several years ago, before I started this blog, I replaced the kitchen in my house. Finances were tight at the time and I had to do the entire refit with only limited professional help. Because of this I imposed upon Mark Hymers and Steve Gran to come and assist me. They worked tirelessly for three days over a bank holiday for no immediate reward.

Mark and Steve with a drill
This weekend I had the opportunity to assist Mark with his own kitchen refit and reply my debt.

Although the challenges have been different on this build they were, nonetheless present, including walls which were most definitely not square and affixing cabinets 10mm too high so the doors could not close.

We also got to make a hole for a 125mm extractor which was physically demanding and not a little tiring (Steve actually wielding the drill had a fabulous aim)

I took some photos to document the process which has resulted in an image which is positively threatening, though the two of them are nice people really!

All in all a pleasant weekend with friends, the whole favour thing was really moot, I would have done it for a friend anyway.


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