Monday, 10 September 2012

I thought San Diego must be Heaven on earth...It seemed to me the best spot for building a city I ever saw.

I think perhaps Alonzo Horton overstated the case but San Diego was a perfectly pleasant place to spend a week. Recently I was fortunate and attended the Linux Plumbers conference (and bits of Kernel Summit) and as on previous occasions there were some interesting sessions and some less helpful diversions.

Melodie went along with me, our first trip away together without the kids in a long time. We did the tourist thing for a few days including the USS Midway aircraft carrier tour (recommended) and the harbour boat tour (also recommended).

The conference was co-located with several other events and there seemed to be a lot of people around not connected with KS or LPC. For me the hallway track was, as usual, much more rewarding and I got to catch up with several old friends and make some new acquaintances. A lot of my colleagues were about attending the Gstreamer and Linuxcon conferences so there was the obligatory work evening event (which was pizza and beer, just done brilliantly).

A track that did stand out for me was the Clang / LLVM presentations. They gave an excellent overview of their progress towards making the Kernel compile with their tools, such innovation appears to be making both projects stronger.

One thing that occurred to me was the blandness of KS and LPC this time, usually there are at least some loud disagreements but I failed to attend even one session where there was more than small differences which were quickly resolved.

Perhaps such conferences, like the majority of people attending them, are becoming middle aged and a little complacent. An observation like that does make me wonder where the next change will come from and what it will look like. Just as open source software (including Linux) has disrupted the proprietary software industry in the last decade what will come along and disrupt us? Or is open source the end of the line and we will just continue to evolve?