Monday, 6 December 2010

New Video Camera

Last week they boys were playing with their remote control car in the snow (which was fun) and Alex wanted to record what his car saw. I immediately dissuaded him from the idea that he can use the family's DV camcorder taped to his car!

The camera and a UK penny
Later on that day though I saw a rocket project on LMR which used a micro camera and suggested such cameras were available from ebay very cheaply. I did a quick search and ordered on from a UK seller at £15 plus £2.99 pnp and thought no more of it.

This afternoon the camera arrived and it really is tiny and Alex is already scheming of ways to use it in addition to attaching it to his RC car.

The video output is low quality (very blurry in low light) and I have yet to figure out how to disable the time stamp (which is wrong) but it does indeed record video to the storage and can download it via USB and played using VLC.

So if you want a tiny video camera (and an 8Gig micro SD card) which is so cheap you do not care if it gets broken, I can recommend these.