Monday, 12 March 2012

Time flies when you are having fun.

It has been months since I last put something here, so I think that requires a quick catchup.

The family Christmas was a brilliantly restful affair mostly spent doing nothing at home, just slightly tinged with anticipation of starting the new job.

I arranged to rent a room in Cambridge with just a moderate three mile walk to work. This has meant that after a decade of my daily commute being the steps downstairs to my desk I am now walking six miles a day!

Because of this unexpected physical exertion I seem to be slowly loosing weight instead of gaining it. Alas there is still a long way to go before I am my recommended weight (unless I gain three feet in height ;-)

Work has been fabulous, lots of great people doing interesting stuff. I was here only a month before I got sent to San Francisco for the Linaro connect event. Though getting on the outbound plane amidst the worst snowstorm in recent times was both tiring and not a little stressful.

The waking up at 03:00 to get the 04:00 coach from Cambridge to Heathrow would not have been too much of an issue If I had managed to travel down from Leeds and arrive before 02:00. The coach was so much fun that I arrived at 08:40 just as check in was closing for my 09:45 flight.

This was my first experience of San Francisco (although I have been to LA and Portland previously) and while most of the time was spent out in Redwood city at the conference venue Robert did take us for cocktails, comedy and cable cars which was a wonderful night out.

Since my return from the US I have also attended the Debian Bug Squashing Party in Cambridge and had a thoroughly amusing time with many of the usual suspects though I was encouraged to see a few new faces about too.

The commute up and down the country is getting tedious and seems to vary between taking two and four hours depending on traffic. This is encouraging me to consider moving the family as soon as I can. They are all doing great and seem to be thriving despite my absence during weekdays.

I hope to put finger to keyboard here a bit more regularly in the forthcoming weeks though a lot of my personal time is being swallowed with commuting and not being directed towards my open source pursuits.


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