Friday, 18 February 2011


For some time now Melodie has wanted more outside storage.

The current outhouse is an 3 foot by 8 foot converted outside toilet. Due to its age (built 1884) this building is no longer watertight and is generally disintegrating at an alarming rate. One day soon it will have to be demolished. That day has not yet arrived, instead we purchased a plastic shed.

Unfortunately the only viable place for the new shed was next to the old one, this required removing a six foot section of flower bed complete with ivy, bamboo and an old sink.

Last Saturday I completed this removal and lay a concrete base ready to take the new shed. You would not think such a small area (2.8m square) would require so much material and effort to concrete over. 300Kg of 3:2:1 aggregate:sand:cement concrete mix went into the hole along with 100Kg of instant set concrete (for a rapid surface in the changable weather).

Thursday afternoon Geoff (my nice helpful neighbour) offered to assist me in the assembly of the shed. I re-arranged my work schedule (yay home working) and after three hours the shed was assembled.

This morning it occurred to me that my webcam had recorded a time-lapse movie of the construction. I uploaded it to YouTube and present it here for your amusement.


  1. Did your family, friends and neighbors endlessly argue about what color to paint the shed with ?

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