Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sunny Brittany

Alas I did not go to Debconf 10 which looked like everyone had a blast, congratulations to the organisers. Nor will I be able to attend the traditional Steve McIntyre BBQ at the weekend, hope everyone has fun.

On the other hand I have managed to take a family holiday in sunny Brittany...

OK perhaps sunny is pushing it, we did have several nice days last week which we spent on the Le Pouldu plages but this week has been more challenging.

Fortunately the camp site where we are staying has reasonable bandwidth so I can continue to waste time online.

This has given me time to look at some Debian packaging. Specifically the mingw32-runtime packages. Their maintainer seems to be unwilling to allow an updated version to be uploaded despite there being numerous upstream releases since the last packaged release in 2007.

The packaging manual makes it clear that hijacking is not permitted and I discover my desire for having a huge, unhelpful argument about maintaining a package is non existent.

I guess when I have my updated packages available I will maybe announce them but its not the same. I guess this is one of those problems with being a Debian maintainer, we all have to rub along even with decisions we disagree with. Hmm thought I had more to say on the subject ...perhaps next time.

Anyway must go and entertain the kids for an hour or two, maybe go to the beach in the rain, hell they cannot get any soggier ;-)


  1. The ming32-runtime story feels incomplete. Do you have any links to bugs/emails indicating

    * what new features/bugfixes there are in newer upstream versions

    * why the current maintainer seems to be unwilling to update and what reasons he/she gives?

  2. I've also been working on updating mingw32-runtime, actually using mingw-w64, with the intention of packaging newer versions of wine (specifically, wine-gecko). The current working versions are available on (see also the pkg-wine-party mailing list on alioth), basically as a proof-of-concept that building wine-gecko is possible; I haven't tackled fixing the gcc-mingw32/mingw32-runtime situation yet...

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