Monday, 14 December 2009

Two pussies, one box

Our household contains two felis catus. These evil creatures (sorry I repeat myself, I already mentioned they were cats) are not sweet kittens, they are grumpy old animals who spend the majority of their lives sleeping indoors and rarely venturing out.

Historically they have had free reign of the house and slept wherever it suited them but with the arrival of the children they were confined to the lower half of the house and provided simple cardboard boxes in which they can reside completely undisturbed.

All well and good you might say and indeed this has produced happy cats for the last eight years. however I recently caused a great deal of discord in the household by providing new boxes never imagining this could possibly cause as much trouble as it has. Currently the two of them are attempting to occupy a single box and win some form of passive aggressive fight for occupancy.

This has been going on for a month now and shows no sign of easing. I do wonder what I need to do to aleviate this situation before it results in a full blown outbreak of evil. Any ideas?


  1. Replace the box they want by another one ;-)

  2. Good luck, my two cats started this kind of fights some time ago and now I got one downstairs near the router and one upstairs near my office :P

  3. I use a simple axe to slaughter chickens. It should work with cats as well.