Tuesday, 8 May 2012

NetSurf at a show

The wakefield RISC OS show is an event the NetSurf project has attended for a long time. in fact since 2005 when the "stand" was a name on an A4 sheet through 20062007, 2008, 20092010 to 2011 we have always been present.

The event has changed in that time from a large affair with many exhibitors to a small specialist interest event with a handful of stands. I took some pictures this year which give a fair impression of the event.

We were seriously considering not attending this year as 2011 had seen us barely break even on donations versus expenses to attend. However we decided that the projects annual Grey Ox Inn post event dinner was probably worth making the effort.

So we all met up in a hotel just off the M1 near Wakefield and set up our table. And although NetSurf as a project now has much more usage on other platforms we still represent the principle browser for the RISC OS platform!

We had a pleasant time, talked to a lot of users and made our expenses back in donations. Overall an amusing Saturday. Based on the size of the event and number and age of the attendees, I fear the RISC OS may be destined for the history books.

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