Thursday, 24 May 2012

Linux kernel presentation

Recently I was asked to present a short introduction to the Linux kernel for our project managers. I put together a short slide deck for the presentation which I have decided to share.
I feel its important to note that I had a lot more to say about each section and the slides were more an aid for my memory to cover the important points. Of special note would be the diagram showing the "hierarchy" of contributors, this is of course nowhere near as well stratified as portrayed.


  1. Thanks Vincent for the nice slide collection, gives me a better picture the Linux World including the players and how well they play together most notably the Interacting with the line "Adversarial to the point of offensive behaviour" and Truths about the community with "The social issues are often more problematic than the technical." Soundscome to code and be ready for a fist fight!

  2. Nice little introduction, but what is a "pubic forum"? ;-)

    1. Public forum in the context of submitting patches is the appropriate mailing list.

      I was trying to convey that such submissions are not made to the individual maintainer and the submission is an open process.

    2. I know what you meant. I was trying to point out the typo. Hence the smilie.

    3. Gahh, three times I checked those slides. And it has been presented, no-one pointed that out to me...

      Thank you, will fix now