Monday, 8 March 2010

Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.

Since I last mentioned music back in January I have accumulated another ten albums and unlike last time where there were only a couple of stand outs, this time I have he opposite problem.

The unordered list:

Justin Sandercoe - "Small town eyes"

I am learning to play the guitar, I have been using Justins' course, it is very very good, this album? Also very good. If you like melodic guitar lead music with varied influences this is for you. A couple of tracks made me immediately think of some Crowded House riffs (which is not a bad thing). Only minor niggle is the uneven levels on some of the louder pieces, but it really is a minor observation on an otherwise fine first album.

Molly Lewis - "I made you a CD, but I eated it."

Although this is only a short selection of original material from Molly, it is a very promising first album. I really like her voice and although a ukulele is not generally the most well respected of instruments, in her hands, it has an odd charm. This album is available from DFTBA records.

Rhett and Link - "Up to this point"

A pair of talented comedians who use music very effectively to highlight their humour. I originally stumbled across them on youtube and decided to take a punt. The album is 27 short pieces which fit together surprisingly well. Difficult to categorise but think a cross between Flight of the Choncords and Jonathan Coulton with a dash of youtube immediacy.

They Might Be Giants - "Flood", "Apollo 18" and "John Henry"

Strictly a replacement of the old tapes which have completely disintegrated in the intervening couple of decades since first purchased. Flood is still one of my favourite albums ever, certainly in my top 10. If you do not know them TMBG are just ace, please try their music!

Seasick Steve - "Started out with nothin and i still got most of it left"

Well its a kinda fun album primarily based on blues electric "guitar" (some of the instruments are little more than a stick with a nail in and a guitar pickup.) Nothing bad, easy to get along with, definitely worth a listen.

La Roux - "La Roux"

This synth pop album was on remainder in ASDA and I took a gamble. Its OK I guess and for 3quid I cannot really complain.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "By the way"

Not their best, but competent enough.

Aqua - "Aquarium" , "Aquarius"

Um...yes, I have a soft spot for 90's cheese OK? Nothing more than a gross self indulgence of my silly side. But they are fun ;-)

So that is my new music since January all 166 tracks of it . Most of it pretty good, certainly no lemons (well aside from the Aqua but that is supposed to be silly!)

Oh and The XX has really grown on me from last time and I am looking forward to their next release.


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