Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Time off

I have the time over Christmas off, partly because I needed some distance from work but mostly because the children need looking after while their schools are on break.

Usually switching off from the work mindset is hard for me and I end up "helping" anyway. Not this time...come last Friday at quitting time I was gone. I was apparently in desperate need of this break and spending time with the kids has been great.

It has also been snowing! I used to love the snow when I was a kid and watching the boys build a snowman and have a snowball fight brought back good memories. It somehow has less amusement value when you are older and have to go to work in it and deal with all the problems with transport induces in the UK. Did I mention I was off work? ;-) I had a great time with them...and got a very cold neck.

I have also managed to solve the cat box problem. Turns out it was not the boxes, their placement or type. It seems they wanted three to choose from! They now have three boxes in which to sprawl and they use the original two in the original locations...just as long as they have the option of a third they are happy.

Now I have unwound sufficiently I am looking at tackling some Open source projects of my own which I have been neglecting. I am planning on finishing my whether station recording software and feeding my observations to the weather underground. Possibly doing some more work on Netsurf and maybe even fixing some RC bugs for Debian.

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